Equipment and Devices For K-12 Education Providers

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FCC — E-Rate Program

  • Summary: The E-Rate Program offers up to 90% discounts on eligible data transmission services, internet access, internal connections, and managed internal broadband services and equipment.
  • Description: The purpose of the E-Rate Program is to ensure that schools and libraries across the U.S. are connected to information and resources through the internet. Eligible applicants include public or private K-12 schools, libraries, and groups of schools/libraries (e.g., consortia, districts). This program requires an annual application and priority is given to the highest poverty areas.
  • Application Information/Link:
    The FY 2021 application cycle is currently open beginning on January 15, 2021 through March 25, 2021. Learn more about the application process here. Applicants are encourages to submit their application forms (FCC Form 470 and 471) as early as possible. Please note the FCC Form 470 must be certified 28 days before the close of the filing window – February 25, 2021 is the last possible day to certify an FY2021 FCC Form 470 and still be able to certify an FCC Form 471 within the FY2021 filing window.

USDA — Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) Grants

  • Summary: DLT Grants fund the cost of purchasing distance learning equipment and related instructional programming. Awards can range from $50,000 to $1,000,000. A minimum 15% match is required and cannot be from another federal source.
  • Description: The purpose of this funding stream is to help rural residents tap into the potential of modern telecommunications and the Internet for education and health care. Eligible applicants include most entities that provide education or health care through telecommunications. DLT Grants utilize existing broadband networks and do not fund infrastructure. Grant funds are awarded through a nationally competitive process.
  • Application Information: There is currently not a FY2021 application window; however an addition $60 million was allocated for this program in December 2020 under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act of 2021. More details will follow as new information is released.
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