Father’s Day 2012 – Reconnecting Families and Dads Saturday, June 16th, 2012

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is encouraging Public Housing Authorities and their local partners to join across the nation to host a special event for fathers and their children on Saturday, June 16th in celebration of Father’s Day 2012. The event has a dual purpose: providing fun activities to support the bonding of fathers and their children while also connecting fathers to economic development resources.

Originally inspired by a New York City Housing Authority event, last year 209 Public Housing Authorities from 33 states participated in the inaugural HUD Father’s Day. Across the country, an estimated 22,000 fathers, children, mothers and friends gathered for fun activities while learning about supportive services in their communities.

To host the celebrations, Public Housing Authorities are partnering with federal agencies, nonprofits, and local businesses. The celebrations feature activities from moon bounces to reading booths, focusing on celebrating fatherhood, family and dads in staying connected with their children.

For further information or to register, please see www.hud.gov/fathersday2012.

Reconnecting Families and Dads – Going Beyond Father’s Day

This year HUD expects to go one-step further and place Father’s Day in a larger context. While we still want Public Housing Authorities to work toward increasing the bonds between fathers and their children throughout the year, we are suggesting that in addition to hosting a Father’s Day event in June, participating Public Housing Authorities hold ongoing activities that could serve to connect fathers and their children. For example, dads can plan to volunteer at their children’s schools including attending Parent’s Night when school opens or help coordinate Mother’s Day events. To capture this expanded vision, HUD is calling this initiative Reconnecting Families and Dads.

Why is HUD Focusing on Fatherhood?

In line with HUD’s 2010-2015 Strategic Plan Goal 3: “using housing as a platform to improve the quality of life of our residents,” this focus on fatherhood in public housing flows from current statistics that show fathers are absent. The majority of public housing households with children are headed by single women who earn less than $9,000 annually. While fathers are often present in and around public housing developments, most of them are not officially on the household’s lease and are often disconnected from services that could lead to economic stability for themselves and their children.

Adapted from the NYCHA Fatherhood Initiative, HUD’s Father’s Day Initiative was developed in response to the stark socio-economic data indicating how children and youth are being negatively affected by father-absent homes.


This year, the Father’s Day celebration is back and HUD is bringing more partners in to participate in the fun, including other nonprofits, federal agencies and the private industry in order to provide Public Housing Authorities with a variety of resources for their Father’s Day events. HUD already has commitments from the National Fatherhood Initiative, the National Football League Players Association, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, among others. As a result of these partners joining in this effort, Father’s Day offers Public Housing Authorities the chance to improve the lives of residents through fostering stronger family connections while also giving Public Housing Authorities the opportunity to form new partnerships with local organizations offering supportive services throughout the community.


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Please contact HUD with any question, comments or ideas at: PIH_Fathers_Day_2012@HUD.gov