HHS Awards Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Grants

youth.gov Youth Topic: Teen Pregnancy PreventionThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) announced more than $86 million in teen pregnancy prevention grants to non-profit organizations, school districts, universities, and others. The 81 new grants are expected to serve more than 291,000 youth each year in communities where teen birth rates remain high and provide the first year of funding for a five-year grant period.

The OAH grants:

  • Support replication of evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs in communities with the greatest need;
  • Increase capacity in communities to serve vulnerable youth, including homeless youth, parenting youth and those in juvenile detention and foster care;
  • Fill gaps in the knowledge of what works to prevent teen pregnancy; and
  • Test new, innovative approaches to combating teen pregnancy.

Read the HHS news release or visit the OAH website to learn more about OAH’s new Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program grantees.

Visit the youth.gov Youth Topic on Teen Pregnancy Prevention.