Archived Event: Understanding and Coping with Trauma & Building Resiliency

Image with the words: Understanding and Coping with Trauma & Building Resiliency

Young people are dealing with a lot right now. Their lives have not only been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the killing of George Floyd and other instances of police brutality have led to civil unrest and a national discussion about systemic racism and injustice in the country. These events are traumatic and difficult to process.

YE4C recently hosted an Instagram Live with @akirasky, YE4C Editorial Board Member and Youth Facilitator, and @airinforms Kathleen Guarino, Trauma and Mental Health Specialist, to discuss how these events may be traumatic for young people, how to cope and build resiliency. The speakers:

  • Defined trauma
  • Discussed how trauma affects the body and mind
  • Provided some practical techniques to help young people cope and build resiliency

Watch the archived replay on YE4C's IGTV.