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Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force - City of San José

The Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force (MGPTF) serves as a hub of information for the public about the resources that are available and how to access community resources to reduce violence and youth participation in anti-social behavior.

"San José's two decades of success in gang prevention is rooted in our collective belief that we value our youth."
- Mayor Chuck Reed

Creating Cleaner, Safer, and Stronger Neighborhoods

The Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force and Strong Neighborhoods Initiative have established a bank of trust with community based organizations and neighborhood leaders. The Strong Neighborhoods Initiative has Neighborhood Solutions Teams to focus on stabilizing neighborhoods in crisis and foster positive assets that include residents and other leaders working on a single team. Some of the recent highlighted activities include:

  • The McKinley Bonita Neighborhood Association - In 2008, San José's McKinley Bonita neighborhood ranked high on a list of communities affected by graffiti, gang, and crime problems. But as a result of the McKinley Bonita Neighborhood Association and the MGPTF's efforts, the neighborhood has built a strong community with tangible results: a 63 percent decrease in violent and gang-related crime, and an award from the City of San José's anti-graffiti program for reducing graffiti in a neighborhood. The Association's efforts have resulted in more than a safer, cleaner neighborhood—by involving young people in service activities with a direct positive impact, the Association has shown neighborhood youth that they are valuable resources whose efforts make a real difference. For more information, visit (PDF, 2 pages)
  • The Franklin-McKinley Children's Initiative (FMCI) – The Franklin McKinley Children's Initiative (FMCI) serves the 16- block Santee neighborhood in San José, California, a densely populated area with high rates of poverty, violent crime, high levels of gang-related crime, and low rates of student achievement. Forty-six percent of Santee families live below 185% of the federal poverty level, compared to 6% of all San José residents. The FMCI is led by a strong management team under the leadership of its governance board and key stakeholders such as the Franklin McKinley School District, the City of San José, the County of Santa Clara Social Services Agency and Department of Probation. For more information, visit

Building on the Joint Community Assets of Schools and Local Government

The MGPTF has developed sustaining partnerships among schools in order to maximize resources to serve our children, families and the community. The following are recent key activities highlighted from the MGPTF strategic partnerships: our children, families and the community. The following are recent key activities highlighted from the MGPTF strategic partnerships:

  • Schools/City Collaborative - The collaborative brings together the City of San José, the Santa Clara County Office of Education, San José's 19 school districts and various other stakeholders to address issues that impact San José schools and the community as a whole. The schools and city have built relationships based on collaboration, cooperation and mutual support through the schools/city collaborative. A formal body comprised of school superintendents, city of San José elected officials, and City of San José Department heads convene on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education Alternative Schools Resource Partnership Strategy - The MGPTF has an established bank of trust among schools and gang impacted youth and adults. The Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) serves students who have been expelled, are academically deficient, are on probation, and/or have severe behavioral and discipline problems through its Alternative Education Programs (AEP) in court and community schools. In 2010, the SCCOE administration spearheaded the coordination of services by approaching the MGPTF. Following an assessment, the MGPTF team recognized the mutual challenges/mission to serve the same high-risk and gang-impacted youth at these sites and entered into a formal partnership in order to create a positive school culture, restore a sense of safety, and reduce the number of gang related incidents on and around campus.

    To that end, this collaborative partnership coordinated and implemented the following:

    1. A series/module of Parent Gang Awareness Training.
    2. A series/ module of Teacher Gang Awareness In-service Training.
    3. Targeted prevention and intervention services.
    4. An SJPD staffed on-site security system.
    5. Full membership and inclusion into the MGPTF Policy and Technical Teams. The partnership is operating in a fluid environment where change is occurring.

For more information on other activities and initiatives of the Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force, please visit: