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National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS)

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The National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) began in 1994 and is a coalition of national organizations, business leaders, and federal agencies focused on youth engagement and the promotion of health and safety for youth.

Key components that support the structure of NOYS include the following

  • Board of directors
  • Meetings and communication
  • Working groups

The collaboration’s best practices include

  • Taking time to establish goals and purpose for the collaboration and continuously review
  • Maintaining close ongoing relationships with federal partners
  • Educating new members through bi-annual orientations
  • Communicating with members through annual membership surveys
  • Engaging youth in leadership roles and mentoring
  • Involving partners with leadership experience

The collaboration has learned these lessons

  • Ensure there is not overlap with member organizations for programming and funding
  • Find dedicated staff willing to do a lot despite limited numbers

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