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Partnership for Results

About the Collaboration

  • The Partnership is a quasi-governmental entity, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, whose board is comprised exclusively of directors of public agencies operating in the areas of education, human services, and law enforcement.
  • The Partnership was formed in March 2000 with the support of a federal grant from the U.S. Departments of Education, Health & Human Services, and Justice.
  • The Partnership's program design is focused on making system-wide improvements including:
    • maximizing available service resources by reducing duplication;
    • improving the effectiveness of services by enhancing their continuity; and
    • promoting ongoing collaboration between public and community-based providers.
  • The Partnership has implemented over 25 evidence-based educational and human services programs in Cayuga County and parts of Onondaga County, and it has developed and implemented a range of interagency databases that facilitate service integration, support fidelity of implementation, and enhance accountability.

PFR Model:The wheel-like image shows the partnership model in the center circle surrounded by contributing factors which are clockwise from top: local governance through a new entity, multi-agency information collection, interagency databases for clinicians & SROs, single point of integration, wide spectrum of evidence-based programs (child-centered &family focused), ongoing & coordinated training/technical assistance, a focus on sustainability, and comprehensive, multi-disciplinary screening & assessment.

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