Employment & Training

Resource: High School Apprenticeship Toolkit

This toolkit includes a factsheet that describes apprenticeships, how they work, and who they benefit; examples of real apprenticeships; a guide for launching high-quality apprenticeship programs; and additional resources. 

Resource: Youth Apprenticeship

This webpage provides information on youth apprenticeship, including state and local programs, tools, research, and resources related to workers compensation and child labor laws. 

Report: Supporting Community College Delivery of Apprenticeships

This report, developed by Jobs for the Future, highlights the findings of a survey of 38 community colleges on apprenticeship program design, occupations, and participant diversity. 

Resource: Toolkit for Embracing a "Youth Welfare" System: A Guide to Capacity Building

This toolkit provides guidance and examples that illustrate the Youth Welfare approach for working with youth in foster care.

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The Youth Engaged 4 Change website has a fresh, new look with content that continues to inspire and empower young people to improve their lives and the world around them.


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