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The U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention commissioned the development of A Sustainability Framework for the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention (PDF, 22 pages) to provide a blueprint for local leaders to sustain this important work. This framework—which is accompanied by a Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool (PDF, 10 pages), Self-Assessment Guide (PDF, 2 pages), Resource List (PDF, 9 pages), and Policy on Graduate Sites (PDF, 4 pages)—was created after a year-long process of interviews with Forum site representatives, with careful review and feedback by federal partners and technical assistance providers.

While the Sustainability Framework and associated resources were developed to support cities of the Forum, the core concepts included in the framework likely are applicable for other youth violence prevention initiatives as well as a range of comprehensive community initiatives.


A Sustainability Framework for the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention (PDF, 22 pages)
Sustainability is critical to the Forum’s long-term success. This Framework is designed to support local leaders by outlining a process for sustaining their work.

Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool (PDF, 10 pages)
The Forum identified eight capacities that can ensure Forum sites’ success and sustainability. This tool will help site leaders self-assess strengths and challenges across these capacities.

Guide to Using the Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool (PDF, 2 pages)
This document provided guidance for using the Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool to reflect on capacities and determine priorities for moving forward.

Sustainability Capacities Resource List (PDF, 9 pages)
Eight capacities are necessary for sustaining the Forum’s work in communities. This list identifies the eight capacities with a few selected resources to help sites begin the capacity-building process.

Policy on Graduated Sites (PDF, 4 pages)
The Forum’s federal partners can balance the goals of building a strong brand for the Forum, growing the network of localities working in youth violence prevention and distributing resources available to support these efforts by establishing a tiered structure that creates a development path for Forum sites as they advance in their work and demonstrate increased capacity and alignment with the sustainability framework.