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What is the State Role in a Performance Partnership Pilot for Disconnected Youth?

States, Tribes, and local governments are each eligible to submit Performance Partnership Pilot applications. Because many pilot proposals are likely to involve multiple levels of government, it is important that proposals have the support of all affected entities. For example, when a Performance Partnership Pilot proposed at the local or tribal level is financed with funds administered by a State, the State must be a willing partner in the pilot. If a State or group of States proposes a pilot that would be implemented only in certain communities, then these communities must also be willing partners.

State involvement in particular can take many forms. The governor or the head of a State agency could be the lead applicant, partnering with other State agencies and one or more local communities where services would be delivered. Alternatively, the governor or one or more State agencies could be secondary partners in pilot projects led by a local community. A State can play a central role in strengthening pilot proposals by:

  • Contributing State funds to augment Federal funds;
  • Providing flexibility and waivers from State requirements to enable pilot implementation;
  • Improving the pilot’s capacity to conduct a needs assessment, measure progress, and evaluate impact by making State data accessible, with appropriate privacy protections, and facilitating linkages to other relevant local and Federal data;
  • Facilitating collaboration across separate State agencies and academic institutions that can contribute to the pilot’s success; and
  • Working with Federal, State, and local financial management, program, and auditing officials to streamline financial and performance reporting that is not necessary for the proper oversight of taxpayer funds and to devise new approaches to outcome-based accountability.

States can also form regional partnerships in which multiple States develop and are signatories to the application and performance agreements. Where a State proposal focuses on certain jurisdictions rather than the State as a whole, the involved local agencies must also sign on to the pilot.