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The Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) partners with service organizations in Atlanta to provide comprehensive, coordinated services to almost 50,000 customers in the Atlanta metro area. AHA’s service collaborations provide customers with appropriate supports as they meet work, minimum rent, and individual development requirements as determined by the AHA. The AHA forges partnerships with organizations which provide critical supportive services such as mental health services, substance abuse counseling, educational training and testing services, and transportation assistance. The AHA is the largest housing agency in Georgia and one of the largest in the nation. It is organized under Georgia law to develop, acquire, lease, and operate affordable housing for low-income families. AHA is committed to delivering quality affordable housing and spurring community development.

The AHA collaboration with service organizations is supported by

  • Careful screening of partner organizations.
  • Engagement in a collaborative strategic planning process.
  • Provision of seed grants to partner organizations.

The AHA’s best practices include the following

  • Limit the number of partnering organizations to only those necessary.
  • Involve program partners in the strategic planning process.
  • Evaluate whether customer needs are met through partnerships.
  • Value customer feedback.
  • Provide opportunities for partner organizations to share concerns and challenges.
  • Support partner organizations in obtaining funding.

The AHA has learned these lessons

  • Duplication of services is wasteful.
  • Discussions around funding issues with partnering organizations can produce solutions.

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