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Lessons Learned

Read more about the lessons the AHA and its service provider network have learned.

Duplication of services is wasteful.
Through regular meetings with the service providers within its network, the AHA keeps track of the supportive services that customers receive through its partner organizations. In tracking customer utilization of services, the AHA avoids duplicating the provision of services. A reduction in service duplication cuts down on overall costs and allows the AHA to more efficiently direct its limited resources to areas of greatest customer need.

Discussions around funding issues with partnering organizations can produce solutions.
An unintended yet desirable by-product of regular meetings with service providers is that organizations within the network of service providers are often able to meet one another’s resource needs. If one organization within AHA’s service provider network is in search of resources (such as computers, staff, meeting space, etc.), partnering organizations may have additional resources that can be utilized to meet the needs of partners in search of resources. Regularly scheduled meetings are the forum within which these and other productive conversations occur.