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  3. National Forum Strategic Plan 2011-2015

National Forum Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Setting Goals

The Forum has the following overarching goals that serve as benchmarks of success:

Elevate youth and gang violence as an issue of national significance.

From initial listening tours to subsequent summits, a key goal of the Forum has been to raise national awareness of the importance of addressing youth and gang violence, highlighting both its individual and societal impact. An ongoing activity of the Forum, whether though periodic summits, national listening tours, or targeted media outreach, will be to continue to elevate youth and gang violence as an area of national concern.

Enhance the capacity of participating localitiesp, as well as others across the country, to more effectively prevent youth and gang violence.p

Strategies initiated by the Forum, most notably the development and implementation of local comprehensive plans, will be embedded into the ongoing work of participating localities, changing how they do business and leading to a drop in youth violence and an increase in desirable outcomes for youth, families, and communities. By sharing information with non-participating localities, the Forum helps others learn about the Forum’s comprehensive approach and gives them access to youth violence prevention tools that will help them replicate the success of the Forum in their communities.

Sustain progress and systems change through engagement, alignment, and assessment.

From the beginning, the Forum has promoted a new model, based on increased communication and coordinated action, for addressing youth and gang violence. Such communication and coordination was necessary to develop the local comprehensive plans recently completed by participating localities and will be critical to ensuring their successful implementation. Interagency collaboration, which includes the braiding and blending of diverse funding sources, has been a hallmark of the effort at the federal level. Lastly, a diverse group of private sector funders is currently exploring ways they can help support the work of the Forum and its members through public/private partnerships.