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P3 Round 3 Bidders Conference

On August 25, 2016, representatives from Federal agencies presented details of the Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) for the third round (FY 2016) of the Performance Partnership Pilots for Disconnected Youth (P3), including application requirements and selection criteria for potential applicants.

Watch the webinar recording.

Download the presentation slides (PDF, 69 pages).
Programming note: The information listed for the Round 3 Contact on page 67 has been modified since the recording of this webinar. Please use the information provided in the linked PDF (Braden Goetz, U.S. Department of Education: (phone) 202-245-7405), rather than the information provided on the recording above.

Please note: While registering for the webinar, registrants were able to submit questions about P3 or the current Notice Inviting Applications. We have used these queries to develop and post responses to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page. If you have remaining questions after viewing the webinar recording, you are encouraged to email, so that we can provide answers, as appropriate. Additional information may be made available at a subsequent date depending on the questions we receive.