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Adolescence is an important time for promoting health and preventing disease; one that is sometimes overlooked. Most of the nation’s 42 million adolescents are generally healthy. In recent years, the United States has seen declines in teen births, smoking, and substance use, as well as higher academic achievement for younger adolescents. However, all adolescents can benefit from guidance on how to improve their health and development during these years—and for some, serious challenges remain. Learn more about Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow® (TAG) in the sections below and get your networks to join the call-to-action with the TAG Toolkit (PDF, 12 pages).

Find resources in support of action steps to improve adolescent health for each professional group.

What is TAG?   Risks and Protective Factors

TAG calls on organizations and individuals working with adolescents to prioritize activities that improve health. Learn how the effort began.


See how experimentation and risk-taking can affect adolescent health negatively and positively.

Five Essentials for Healthy Adolescents   TAG Registered Trademark

Learn the essential components to adolescent health and the framework for TAG.


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