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National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention Communities: Chicago

In Chicago, violence claimed the lives of 510 people during 2008—nearly half were young people between the ages of 10 and 25. Although violence eventually raises the level of risk for every young person, most of the young people directly affected by violence grow up in Chicago’s most distressed neighborhoods on the South and West sides, where dropout rates and unemployment are disproportionately high and many schools and social service agencies are struggling.

Chicago is developing strategies to strengthen a coordinated city response to violence. Chicago is working to reduce the likelihood that its public school students will be involved in violent incidents—on or off school grounds—and increase the opportunities for students to excel academically in a safe, secure, and supportive school environment.

Point of Contact

Janey Rountree
Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Safety
Chicago Mayor’s Office
(312) 744-0237