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Youth Adult Partnerships

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Video and Audio: Lessons for Supportive Adults on Youth Isolation

Two young adults and one researcher share the challenges of isolation facing youth during the pandemic and identify specific steps supportive adults can take to help youth cope.

Five Non-Negotiables for Whole-Child Design
Asset Mapping Toolkit: Collaborative Support for Developmental Practices

Are you using the developmental practices in your work with young people? An asset mapping process can help answer that, and support cross-system dialogue about how to improve staff practices, everywhere youth spend their time.

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Inside The Minneapolis Youth Congress, A Youth-Adult Partnership that’s Reshaping Local Policy

In Minneapolis, “nothing about us without us” is more than a motto. Here’s how the Minneapolis Youth Congress, a longstanding youth-adult partnership, is shaping city policy and the local community.

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Finding My Voice through the Minneapolis Youth Congress

“I have more responsibility and I feel like I have more power here.”

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Our Voices, Our Future: True Youth Leadership in Action by California Youth Connection

CYC’s mission is to develop leaders who empower each other and their communities to transform the foster care system through legislative, policy, and practice change.

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Creating Resources to Empower Rising Leaders

“I wanted to create a resource for rising leaders who feel the same mix of nervousness and uncertainty I felt when I first entered this space.”

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Helping Others Through Mentoring

“For a long time, I just felt like I was in a box, that I didn’t have a purpose.”

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Talking to Elected Officials

“It gives you that sense that you're the one in charge and you can make change, which is what makes us more passionate about changing things around the city.”

Group of youth with words in front: Youth Engagement at the Federal Level: A Compilation of Strategies and Practices
Youth Engagement at the Federal Level: A Compilation of Strategies and Practices

This compilation of briefs on the youth engagement efforts of 12 agencies and departments describes the accomplishments and basic mechanisms of these strategies while also noting barriers, challenges, and vision for the future.