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Learning from Youth who have an Incarcerated Parent: 2016 Listening Session

In June 2016, the federal government hosted a listening session with youth from across the country who have or have had an incarcerated parent. The listening session brought together 19 youth, ages 15 to 23, with a diverse range of experiences to discuss the challenges they had during their parent's incarceration and their ideas for how the government could better support them and their families.

Participants’ ideas and feedback from the session were used to inform these products:

Click here to access the Tip Sheet for Youth Who Have or Have Had an Incarcerated Parent   Click here to access the Tip Sheet for Providers: Supporting Youth With Incarcerated Parents  

Tip Sheet with Recommendations 
for Youth
  Tip Sheet with Recommendations
for Providers
  Video by Four 
Session Participants
Click here to access Session Themes: What Youth Want You to Know about Them   Click here to access Session Themes: Ideas for Change by Type and Profession  
Session Themes: What Youth 
Want You to Know about Them
  Session Themes: Ideas for Change
by Type and Profession
  Listening Session
Summary and PDF


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