Resource: Earnings by Occupation

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This classroom activity teaches students how to interpret data on earnings by occupation. Students can compare the earnings of men and women in these select occupations and predict future changes. Learn more.

Resource: Culture as a Protective Factor

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This webpage shares resources to help welfare professionals understand and honor the family’s culture in creating a healthy environment for children. The webpage describes how families’ strong ties to their cultural, racial, and ethnic identities can build resilience and act as a buffer against the effects of trauma. Learn more.

Webinar: Family Engagement in the Treatment for Youth with Mental Health and Substance Use

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Date: June 14, 2024, 2 - 3:30 pm ET  

This webinar will address family engagement within treatment for youth with mental health & substance use disorders. The webinar will also explore the integration and expansion of youth and family peer support workforce and discuss strategies for addressing delays in access to appropriate behavioral health treatment at multiple levels of care. Learn more and register.